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A.Collection(Beijing)Business Equipment Co.,Ltd

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A. Collection(Beijing) Business Equipment Co.,Ltd is an importing trading company in specializing Catering equipment. The products mainly from many development countries, such as: Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Sweden, USA, Canada and so on. With advance technology, Excellent quality and perfect service system, the products are the world first-class brands. After our years of effort, we have established a global network of suppliers, and make a prominent contribution for the catering equipment market. In the year of 2010, the hotel and the association of the catering industry grant us a good reputation of “A.Collection of Global Professional Catering Equipment”.


We mainly service for Stars Hotel, Chinese and Western restaurants, Organs canteen, university and college schools, aviation catering, bakery, Fast food chain, Coffee shop, Japanese Restaurant, Leisure Restaurant, Food processing enterprise, Shopping mall.


Enterprise purpose: With Classic management, Superb team, Superior service, Reasonable price and Good reputation to manage ourselves strictly. It is our consistent principle which based on our customers. We will continually improve our work and supply you more superior service.

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