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Dear users, Hello! Welcome to our website!

For your better user experience, please register first!


Our website membership level is divided into three levels: junior, intermediate and advanced. The specific registration process and membership interests are as follows:


I、Primary Members

Application condition: registered companies need to upload business licenses, after the background administrator audit, audit results will be sent by mail.

Primary member rights and interests: primary members will be able to see some prices after logging in.


II、Intermediate Members

Application condition: to be promoted to intermediate member if you purchase 100,000 yuan of our products

Intermediate member rights and interests:

1. Part of commodity member price can be seen after login;

2. Some commodities enjoy preferential prices for intermediate members;

3. Enjoy priority in order processing.

Ш、Senior Members

Application conditions: purchase of our products more than 250,000 yuan before upgrade to a senior member

Senior member rights and interests:

1. Part of commodity member prices can be seen after login;

2. Some commodities enjoy premium membership price;

3. Enjoy the right to download product information

4. Enjoy priority in order processing


Matters needing attention:

1. The member account shall not be lent out or used by any person other than the person in charge of the registered company;

2. A member account can only be logged in once at the same time, and no more than one person can be logged in at the same time;


Our company will keep all the member information confidential and will not leak out. Please be assured to register!

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