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After Sale

After Sale

fter-sales service

After Sale

We solemnly promise: we will provide the following after-sales services:

One year(12 months) of equipment quality guarantee period, lifelong maintenance;

Institutionalized service: monthly telephone interview; regular door to door check and maintenance every two months;

Free testing arriving in 4 hours on big occasions, with no time limit;

Free checking and maintenance, responding in 1 hour , arriving in 2 hours, solving general equipment failure problem in 4 hours, solving certain major problems in 8 hours if any, not subject to quality guarantee period;

Free supply of standby equipment if the damage cannot be recovered in 8 hours but the equipment is in deadly need;

After the quality guarantee period, check and maintenance service will be provided at the most favorable price. Only the cost of the components and parts will be charged;

Free technical training till skillful operation and re-training for new operators due to the staff turnover of the customer company;

Unconditionally providing technical support, installing and testing on site;

   Free offer of operating instructions and materials concerning the equipment.


(1) Methods taken to provide systematically maintaining service and technical support.

    On-side maintaining and support: Technicians will be sent on site to diagnose and solve the systematic problems, and give advises accordingly.

        Answering questions through letters, telephone, fax or      email.

       Regular visiting and maintaining.

       Long-distance diagnosing.

(2) After-sales group

       A group of 13, headed by the manager.

       1 Department Manager

       1 Operator

       9 Inspectors

       2 Emergency maintenance personnel

(3) Service hotline:

Contact: Carolyn

Telephone: 010-87728416

Fax: 010-87728412

(4) Charge standard

Only the cost of the components and parts will be charged.

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